Nov 8, 2010

Kelate trip..

my frens n i went to Kelantan for 4 days.. there were 4 of us, Lim Jia Wei (Kelantanese), Ropin Kebing, Edwin Werlop (Sarawakians) n me (Sabahan).. i wasn't plan for this trip, it was kinda a short decision when my fren Lim asked me whether want to join em to his house for this so called extended study week due to the change of exam date (can't complain much bout it od).. so we went by bus, and almost just almost no transportation direct to since our bus cannot access thru to changlun.. not even taxi dare to go to due to flood.. damn it was quite terrible dat time. so, we had 1 choice dat was tumpang another bus which also going to with God's grace, we managed to go to and took da bus.. Amen.

it took us around 6 hours to get to kelantan.. and da driver was damn fast n furious. anyway, we reached our destination (Tanah Merah, Kelantan) safely, thank God.. it was like 5 in da morning n Lim's mum fetched us der.. she is a nice n warm person.. along our stay at the house, she treat us very nice.. i felt dat its a nice and simple family. as far as i expected, Kelantan is no diff than other states in Malaysia, but towards the end, its quite diff, the culture and place is diff.. n ofcoz, the slang is diff, i learned some words. =)

1st day we went to Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas, Kota Bharu and sum places.. before dis i nvr tot will put my feet on Kelantan.. for me, as what i've observed, Kelantan is a traditional places mixed with Thailand culture and ofcoz, we can see sum sign boards and vehicles from Thailand.. want to know more, look 4 history book.. eheh. anyway, its a cool journey.. da next day we went to pantai and some other places.. kept me blur is the road, i cant really recognize da road.. well, all da way and every places we took pictures (i'll try upload it next time once get it fm my fren)..
we went to futsal as well since dis dude Lim is crazy about futbal, so could not miss futbol or anything related to it.. we played 2 consecutive nights till get mysef injured on da second day playing.. well, its ok, quite normal, it'll recover soon..

not forgotten we went fishing......well, not literally 'we', just them, excluding me, not in the mood of fishing, plus it was kinda rainy.. eheh. da fishing place is at 'tali air' according to Lim, then d others arguing that its not a 'tali air', and kept argue bout dat matter, along the way we all laughed.. we all had happy moment though suppose hav exam mood in mind.. Lim's house is quite a kampung style and its cool, love it.. so peace and silent.

anyway, we all had fun during our times in Kelantan.. we can say we almost round all around Kelantan and went to almost every places.. oh! i almost 4got, we also went to temples, Buddhist temple.. and eat 'Sotam' - a dish made from watermelon with kacang and some other mixture.. and for sure its spicy.. but nice.~~

i can say here its nice to visit place like Kelantan, to know the places around, cultures, and ofcoz the people around.. although i might not really understand wat Kelantanese saying, with careful listening, its unique.. eheh.
Best regards,
Aaron Lammert
God bless =)