Jun 17, 2010

I need a life changing..

yeah,i gues i really need a life changing..somebody anybody can help me..
do we have a cure for my boring life..??
ok,ok..just leave the past, focus on tomorrow.. what had happen, had happen..
hey, i am not saying i disappointed with what had happen before..okay.
i can cope with it.. i have been thinking, i really need something in my life.
waiting eagerly for something cool and exciting, a life changing happen to my life..
i am sure and believe that God the Almighty has a real really a good plan for my life..
honestly and truthfully, i am bored with most of the people and things around my life..
just cannot be trusted and annoying.. ahah. sorry to say that.. i am honest ok. =).
Bible the book of life, one of its verse said, "man cannot love the world, as man love the world means that man do not love God..". i gues the verse is right.. =).
world cannot offer us life, but God will.. =). Love God more..
IL BAK YI IL...!!!!!

Truth & Honest,
Aaron Lammert

Jun 9, 2010

its me recently..

hye all.. its been awhile since the last post. well, answer to this is that i am quite lazy to post..ahah. honestly, and secara jujurnya, i am lazy to post lar.. i duno recently and lately, i was and am quite out of mood.. i would say lazy to everything, even wake up from chair from sitting.. haiz. what a life i have been living. but anyhow i enjoy relaxing and warm myself with some routine stuffs (watch tv, on9, watch il bak yi il, play futbol game, go outing alone, watch movie, eat while relaxing, etc, etc..). well i would and SHOULD use the time i am having to do something more meaningful like..like..like..like what huh? reading? do home chores? find part time job perhaps.. i did when for a part time (1 week) maybe just to kill time and earn some pocket money (so i can finish it up watch movie at town)..

As i planned early before sem break, i thought myself would have a busy time do something meaningful.. well, recently i had some aches on my body and sometimes my mind just out of way.. i duno what's happening to me.. no longer have the sense of belonging.. anyway, i like to be alone, get used to it.. i had use some times to reflect my life what it should be in the future, what i am going to do and yadayadayada.. of all the life i have been through, i thank God for everything that i have gone this far.. Praise Him. couldn't done without Him.. yeah, each one of us need God in our life.. we cannot deny it.. accept Jesus as our savior and our life can be better, trust me..=).

yeah, i did some exercise and running muscles..sometimes.. i went jogg yesterday, jogged for about 20 - 30 mins (was i?).. couldn't tahan wei.. stomach pain inside, i am not a smoker leh.. what happened? haiz, i wasn't me the way i used to be.. normally can tahan to 1 hour jogg.. gues reli need to get my stamina back on track.. ahah.

i dun find part time because tot just want relax myself this holiday, spend time with God, reflect my life and enjoy life.. i did learn something(s).. and its important.. what else to say, ermmm.. i cut my hair, finding intern company, well i get 1 and its accepted but manatau fren said accounting student need to perform intern in audit firm bah.. sigh. just pray, hope and don't worry that i would get accepted to the company i applied few days ago.. Lord, hear our prayer..=).

its her birthday 2molo, feel sorry for her, i dun really do something special, yalah, at least.. well, will bring her out to celebrate when get back to university for new sem.. wish and pray for the best of her in the future.. she'd be better for someone than me. =). God bless her..

its raining in kk, i like raining.. its cool and warm. but pity to those people or any living things outside whom x have proper shelter, pray for their safety.. okay, okie, ok, thats all for now. till then God bless us all.. Amen. have a great day ahead.. Peace.

Aaron Lammert