Nov 8, 2010

Kelate trip..

my frens n i went to Kelantan for 4 days.. there were 4 of us, Lim Jia Wei (Kelantanese), Ropin Kebing, Edwin Werlop (Sarawakians) n me (Sabahan).. i wasn't plan for this trip, it was kinda a short decision when my fren Lim asked me whether want to join em to his house for this so called extended study week due to the change of exam date (can't complain much bout it od).. so we went by bus, and almost just almost no transportation direct to since our bus cannot access thru to changlun.. not even taxi dare to go to due to flood.. damn it was quite terrible dat time. so, we had 1 choice dat was tumpang another bus which also going to with God's grace, we managed to go to and took da bus.. Amen.

it took us around 6 hours to get to kelantan.. and da driver was damn fast n furious. anyway, we reached our destination (Tanah Merah, Kelantan) safely, thank God.. it was like 5 in da morning n Lim's mum fetched us der.. she is a nice n warm person.. along our stay at the house, she treat us very nice.. i felt dat its a nice and simple family. as far as i expected, Kelantan is no diff than other states in Malaysia, but towards the end, its quite diff, the culture and place is diff.. n ofcoz, the slang is diff, i learned some words. =)

1st day we went to Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas, Kota Bharu and sum places.. before dis i nvr tot will put my feet on Kelantan.. for me, as what i've observed, Kelantan is a traditional places mixed with Thailand culture and ofcoz, we can see sum sign boards and vehicles from Thailand.. want to know more, look 4 history book.. eheh. anyway, its a cool journey.. da next day we went to pantai and some other places.. kept me blur is the road, i cant really recognize da road.. well, all da way and every places we took pictures (i'll try upload it next time once get it fm my fren)..
we went to futsal as well since dis dude Lim is crazy about futbal, so could not miss futbol or anything related to it.. we played 2 consecutive nights till get mysef injured on da second day playing.. well, its ok, quite normal, it'll recover soon..

not forgotten we went fishing......well, not literally 'we', just them, excluding me, not in the mood of fishing, plus it was kinda rainy.. eheh. da fishing place is at 'tali air' according to Lim, then d others arguing that its not a 'tali air', and kept argue bout dat matter, along the way we all laughed.. we all had happy moment though suppose hav exam mood in mind.. Lim's house is quite a kampung style and its cool, love it.. so peace and silent.

anyway, we all had fun during our times in Kelantan.. we can say we almost round all around Kelantan and went to almost every places.. oh! i almost 4got, we also went to temples, Buddhist temple.. and eat 'Sotam' - a dish made from watermelon with kacang and some other mixture.. and for sure its spicy.. but nice.~~

i can say here its nice to visit place like Kelantan, to know the places around, cultures, and ofcoz the people around.. although i might not really understand wat Kelantanese saying, with careful listening, its unique.. eheh.
Best regards,
Aaron Lammert
God bless =)

Oct 30, 2010

the dude is back.......!!

heyo der all fellas..wats up,wats up..wadup..!!?? eheh.. Aaron is in da house. well, been busy and lazy lately like usual.. fuuuuhhh.. look at the time past by, it has been quite sumtime i didnt post anything here. eheh.. well, here's the things happened throughout the past periods.. gee, i shud list down:

1. Thailand trip (1 day) - it was cool and enjoyable experiences. went to Hatyai and some other places, well it was raining dat time.. we had enjoy time. eeerrrr..can't really recall wat had happened during the trip, but i can describe in 1 word - cool.. =).

2. Cameron Highland (4 days 3 nights) - damn, the place awesome + cool + great + beautiful scenery.. actually, went der 4 church activities, tot it was just a normal n enjoyable trip, but turn out i learned some very good values as in human being can have.. humanity, consider the needy, being humble, friendship and be who we really are.. emm,i gues thats it. took a lot of pics, but i lazy to post it in here.. ahah. yeah, u heard me.. =).

3. Penang, PPGD (3 days 2 nights) - well, this trip held last week wit some dudes and boobs, sorry i mean girls.. ehem. we stayed at Batu Feringhi apartment, der were 12 of us (8 girls + 4 dudes, damn guys we were so lucky).. ahah. anyway, we went places to places like Kek Lok Si, temple, another temple.. went beach, swim. all da time we just used public buses.. it was time wasted but we managed. owh, 1 another cool place, Butterfly farm, quite nice.. and Penang damn hot, im not referring to the girls, but the weather.. funny thing was when we were playing dis 'drink + tell the truth' game, never tot will hear such confessions.. ahah. quite lame..... anyway, i had a great time in Penang, im sure d others as well.. cool wit dat. =).

4. Langkawi (3 days 2 nights) - the trip just recently held which was..... emmm.... few days ago. ahah..yeah, actually by time i post this blog, i just came back fm Langkawi.. great place to visit, quite affordable, had fun and enjoy.. cant 4get da nite b4 we ended our trip.. wait for it.. so stay tune.. it was quite mafan to find an affordable car rental coz to fit in 6 ppl.. but thank God and praise Him, we managed to get 1 avanza (100 bucks per day rent).. then we settled down afta got place to stay.. cool, da place is just opposite da beach.. great. then we went to some other places like 'telaga tujuh', took pics, along the way took pics and took again and again and again, thanks to dis 1 girl.. da next day we went to pulau.. island hopping.. damn, it was a gud sea trip by boat along the way.. fish feeding, watch eagle, dived and swim in a 30 feets deep sea (so good experience).. went beach, just go jalan2 and stuffs.. of course another important and most fundamental things in Langkawi are...................wait for it............wait for it..................its comin...............*snap..!! chocolates and alcohol.. yeah..eheh. many choices in many shops.. well, bought some and drank some..eheh. ehem.. not literally drank some.. well, dat save for later....then we went 4 Thai diner.. for dis i highly recommended to all of u, shud go dis Thai restaurant namely 'Wan Thai' at Kuah.. fuh, very cool and spicy.. well, the place looked expensively in mind and sight, but its kinda ok the price, affordable.. well, here's da real deal bout dis trip, im about to expose it in here.. on da nite be4 we ended our trip, which by mean da next day (as is today) bek UUM campus.. we were invited by dudes of my dudes to hang over their place.. it was beer, vodka n games along the nite.. we played games n drinks, games n drinks.. some of em drinks, drinks, drinks den only games.. i had it too much on my stomach den it get into my brain.. coz at some particular times i loss da game.. on da process, i drunk.. n my mind cant tahan od.. i ain't suppose to drunk bout it happened real fast.. it was crazy nite. i nvr tot get drunk 4 da 1st time in my life.. shot..!! well, it wasnt me only, can say da whole troops were drunk just dat mayb dey get used to it od.. i can recall, when i wasn't sober, went out and headed to the beach to hav fresh air.. they all then started find 4 me.. damn. we went bek to our motel n get rest later then (which around 4am).. da next morning, i felt dizzy, heavy head.. but i can say, i wasn't totally drunk.. den my fren said im quite a good drinker...oh,shot again..!! i have to promise mysef dis cannot happen ever agn in da future, coz it may ruin my life n brain.. its ok i gues to had 1 life time experience... i am a Christian, suppose not to do dat.. showing x a good example.. im sorry.. help me dear God.. well, thank God for everything we reached campus safe and sound as well bless all da way our trip.... moral of dis trip kids out der: dun drunk ursef n going places is so damn cool.. =).

of all these trips, involved 1 little thing we call it money.. yeah, ofcoz used quite a lot od.. but i tot to mysef, im in my final sem, duno next time can hav such chance to go or not od..
Best regards,
God bless
Aaron Lammert

Jul 12, 2010

Too complicated for me..

For me, i always like to make myself simple.. everything also simple, doesn't matter from what i eat, drink o wear, just mention about everything, i love to be simple.. but as i can see myself now, things are like too complicated for me.. not saying about what i eat, drink and eat but the life itself is already too complicated for me.. sometimes i can't breath, why this happen, i have no idea.. i wish to find the answer for this such question.. how i hate things which are complicated, too many procedures lar.. haiz. if this world is made simple, then all of us would make our life simple, am i right??? too complicated till make my head pening + breathless.. perhaps, as we get older, the more complicated we would experience.. ahah. i am tired of these complicated-ness ways.. can somebody 'turn off' these complicated-ness??? why most people like to make things complicated..

not yet mention about the new grading system this university had come up with.. it is getting more complicated.. Lord, help us. is there any chance for me (one last chance) to make things (life) easy and simple?.. lets hope so.. now that i already back for new sem (final) for my studies, without my 'friend' here which i didn't bring back from home due to 'mafan' matter, feel so extremely boring.. went play futsal these 2 days, felt nice and relieve, at least i can find my way out of the boring-ness staying campus.. of coz, looking forward for better performance this sem as i didn't do well last semester.. jia you + gambateh bah aaron.. i can't wait for my practical to start (i gues)..

anyhow, BIG THANKS to GOD The Almighty for everything he had provide me in this life.. give thanks and praise to You oh Lord.. In Jesus name, Amen. =).

Aaron Lammert

Jun 17, 2010

I need a life changing..

yeah,i gues i really need a life changing..somebody anybody can help me..
do we have a cure for my boring life..??
ok,ok..just leave the past, focus on tomorrow.. what had happen, had happen..
hey, i am not saying i disappointed with what had happen before..okay.
i can cope with it.. i have been thinking, i really need something in my life.
waiting eagerly for something cool and exciting, a life changing happen to my life..
i am sure and believe that God the Almighty has a real really a good plan for my life..
honestly and truthfully, i am bored with most of the people and things around my life..
just cannot be trusted and annoying.. ahah. sorry to say that.. i am honest ok. =).
Bible the book of life, one of its verse said, "man cannot love the world, as man love the world means that man do not love God..". i gues the verse is right.. =).
world cannot offer us life, but God will.. =). Love God more..
IL BAK YI IL...!!!!!

Truth & Honest,
Aaron Lammert

Jun 9, 2010

its me recently..

hye all.. its been awhile since the last post. well, answer to this is that i am quite lazy to post..ahah. honestly, and secara jujurnya, i am lazy to post lar.. i duno recently and lately, i was and am quite out of mood.. i would say lazy to everything, even wake up from chair from sitting.. haiz. what a life i have been living. but anyhow i enjoy relaxing and warm myself with some routine stuffs (watch tv, on9, watch il bak yi il, play futbol game, go outing alone, watch movie, eat while relaxing, etc, etc..). well i would and SHOULD use the time i am having to do something more meaningful what huh? reading? do home chores? find part time job perhaps.. i did when for a part time (1 week) maybe just to kill time and earn some pocket money (so i can finish it up watch movie at town)..

As i planned early before sem break, i thought myself would have a busy time do something meaningful.. well, recently i had some aches on my body and sometimes my mind just out of way.. i duno what's happening to me.. no longer have the sense of belonging.. anyway, i like to be alone, get used to it.. i had use some times to reflect my life what it should be in the future, what i am going to do and yadayadayada.. of all the life i have been through, i thank God for everything that i have gone this far.. Praise Him. couldn't done without Him.. yeah, each one of us need God in our life.. we cannot deny it.. accept Jesus as our savior and our life can be better, trust me..=).

yeah, i did some exercise and running muscles..sometimes.. i went jogg yesterday, jogged for about 20 - 30 mins (was i?).. couldn't tahan wei.. stomach pain inside, i am not a smoker leh.. what happened? haiz, i wasn't me the way i used to be.. normally can tahan to 1 hour jogg.. gues reli need to get my stamina back on track.. ahah.

i dun find part time because tot just want relax myself this holiday, spend time with God, reflect my life and enjoy life.. i did learn something(s).. and its important.. what else to say, ermmm.. i cut my hair, finding intern company, well i get 1 and its accepted but manatau fren said accounting student need to perform intern in audit firm bah.. sigh. just pray, hope and don't worry that i would get accepted to the company i applied few days ago.. Lord, hear our prayer..=).

its her birthday 2molo, feel sorry for her, i dun really do something special, yalah, at least.. well, will bring her out to celebrate when get back to university for new sem.. wish and pray for the best of her in the future.. she'd be better for someone than me. =). God bless her..

its raining in kk, i like raining.. its cool and warm. but pity to those people or any living things outside whom x have proper shelter, pray for their safety.. okay, okie, ok, thats all for now. till then God bless us all.. Amen. have a great day ahead.. Peace.

Aaron Lammert

May 10, 2010

recently happen to me..

Oh yah..!!for the record, besides been running this blog for sometimes now, i have NEW HOBBIES (part of my internship perhaps........ . ... .. .maybe not)..yup, u heard me(read me)..!! i have new hobbies, which i didn't really expect to happen..currently i enjoy cooking..yah, C O O K I N G . .

.... . .

don't laugh or smile..but its true, i enjoy and had learned some of simple and good dishes..both mum and dad are great fast, efficient and effective cooker..he can cook in an instant (not instant noodle bah), though comes out with good dishes.. then mum would criticize said "this one a bit salty, that one next time cut smaller a bit", dad's response "...,..,..." (means he keep quiet only), womans like to talk a lot i perhaps, no offense.. mum: normally cooks on weekends, mum would cook big dishes, a bit complicated dishes, fresh and hot though take times.. brothers: just fill in their stomach.. they happen to have gf/wife who can cook..

actually, this holiday is all about, have ample time to do something new for ourselves..
some vege + egg = egg vege??

sausage + green bean = green bean sausage?? ...

i know it is not as perfect as it should be, boleh tahan lar, the taste? ok ok loh.. at least next time can cook myself lor, maybe in future i would not able to stay with parents any longer.. i wish can have some one can cook with me in future (gf?wife?friends?), get a correct taste and timing to cook its easy actually..just follow your instincts..ohoh.

hangus....but,taste great..!!coz i eat myself..

i apologize for the black color.. i cooked it this morning for breakfast..taste good though. wanna try?? =D. i made myself a coffee and some western breakfast..

a mess breakfast, but i enjoyed it..its not my fault, it just pop out like that leh..=D

well, still more to come..wish can cook more dishes..waiting before i get part time job. how i wish i can be really busy..not forgetting serving and have time with God.=). we shall put Him as our 1st priority..without Him, we can't really live well..ASAP.=).

another thing, i enjoy driving recently, its quite sometime i get used myself to drive since back..i used to drive auto car, days before, i drove mum's car to balik kampung visited grandma and aunt, at 1 point, car in several times mati engine cause salah masuk gear lar...aiseh. mum kept dragging.."haiyah, how u drive like this?",i answered, "......that gear lar salah masuk,that's why, (wish to not blame on me)..".tuh lar, last time asked changed to auto don't want..haiz, womans very hardly to follow want we guys say..sigh. susah lar macam neh..=S. well, hope to get my driving license soon..=). i get used to public transportation, easy for me go 1 place, without having worry about fuel, stuck in traffic jam and parking.. people get advance so.... yup.=).

oh, well..that's it for now..have a blessed and wonderful days my brothers and sisters..till then..GOD BLESS US ALL. Amen.

Best regards,
Aaron Lammert

May 8, 2010

the Boy who wanted to know God..

A boy woke up one day wanting to know God.

As the boy walked down the street he saw an old man.

"Good day," the old man said. "You seem to be looking for something. May I help you?"

"I want to know God," he told the old man.

"Sit here for a while," the old man said, "and you shall get to know God."

The boy sat for a few moments when a woman walked up to him. "What are you doing?" the woman asked.

"I want to know God," he told the woman.

"I can teach you how to be a good person," she replied. "Come with me, and you will learn the ways of the righteous."

The boy thanked the old man and said, "I'm going to learn to be a righteous man."

The old man replied, "You will learn much from this woman."

The boy returned two years later to the same place where he met the old man.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" asked the old man.

"I have practiced many disciplines," replied the boy. "I have recited the verses in the correct way. I have sinned less and less every day. I have apologized to God for the sins I committed."

"So did you get to know God?" asked the old man.

"I learned a great deal about being righteous," answered the boy, "but I didn't really get to know God. I want to know God."

"Sit here for a while," the old man said, "and you shall get to know God."

The boy sat for a few moments when two young men walked up to him. "What are you doing?" asked one of the young men.

"I want to know God," he told the young man.

"Come with us, and you can learn everything about God," the young man promised.

"You know God?" the boy asked.

"We have studied for years," the other replied, "and we know everything humans have ever written about God."

Again the boy thanked the old man and said, "I'm going to learn about God."

The old man replied, "You will learn much from these men."

The boy returned two years later to the same place where he met the old man.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" asked the old man.

The boy replied, "I have learned many things about God. I have learned what we believe he wants for us. I have learned how we believe he created us. I have learned how we like to worship him. I have learned what many believe are the correct ways to pray to him, and I have memorized all the words humans have written about him."

"So did you get to know God?" asked the old man.

"I learned a great deal about what humans think of God," answered the boy, "but I didn't really get to know God. I want to know God."

"Sit here for a while," the old man said, "and you shall get to know God."

The boy sat for a few moments when a young girl walked up to him.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want to know God," he told the young girl.

"My friends and I are going to build houses for the homeless," she replied. "Come with us, and you will learn to give selflessly and completely of yourself."

Again the boy thanked the old man and said, "I'm going to learn to give completely of myself and be selfless."

The old man replied, "You will learn much from this girl."

The boy returned two years later to the same place where he met the old man.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" asked the old man.

"I built houses for those who had no place to live," replied the boy. "I helped people learn to take care of their needs for shelter and warmth. I helped provide shelter for thousands of people."

"So did you get to know God?" asked the old man.

"I learned a great deal about building houses and giving to others," answered the boy, "but I didn't really get to know God. I want to know God."

"Sit here for a while," the old man said, "and you shall get to know God."

The boy sat for a few moments when a group of men walked up to him. "What are you doing?" one of the men asked.

"I want to know God," the boy told the man.

"We are going to heal the sick," he replied. "Come with us, and you will learn to take care of the needy."

Once again the boy thanked the old man and said, "I'm going to learn to heal the sick."

The old man replied, "You will learn much from these men."

The boy returned two years later to the same place where he met the old man.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" asked the old man.

"I helped cure people who were sick with disease," replied the boy. "I helped people learn to eat properly to nourish themselves and prevent illness. I taught them to be healthy and live long. The number of deaths in the village I worked in has gone down by hundreds every year I have been there."

"So did you get to know God?" asked the old man.

"I learned a great deal about healing disease," answered the boy, "but I didn't really get to know God. I want to know God."

"Sit here for a while," the old man said, "and you shall get to know God."

The boy sat for a few moments when a group of women walked up to him. "What are you doing?" one of the women asked.

"I want to know God," he told the woman.

"We are going to feed the hungry," she replied. "Come with us, and you will learn to take care of the poor."

The boy paused for a moment and thanked the woman by saying, "Thank you for the offer. I wish you well in your journey, but I do not wish to take care of the poor. My goal is to know God."

The women looked at him curiously. The old man said nothing and smiled.

The boy grew still for a while and did nothing.

After a while, he noticed a butterfly and wondered how such a delicate creature could fly.

He felt a sense of awe over such a miraculous creation.

Then he noticed the clouds in the sky and was amazed by the thought that these floating islands held water in them, yet they did not fall.

He felt a sense of wonder over such an ingenious design.

Next he saw a group of ants working together, and he marveled at their cooperation and single-mindedness of purpose.

He felt a sense of astonishment over such beautiful harmony.

Finally, he saw a light in the eyes of the old man, and he could not believe the amount of love he saw in the old man's eyes.

He immediately felt a sense of unity with everyone and everything.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" asked the old man.

"Yes, I did," replied the young boy. "I have now found what I first sought so many years ago."

"It seemed to take a bit longer than you intended," observed the old man as he smiled.

"Perhaps," said the boy. "But it took just as long as I really wanted it to take."

"Indeed," said the old man. "I know that is true. How do you know that is true?"

The boy began, "When I started out I was more interested in feeling righteous than I was in knowing God. I got what I wanted, and many people observed how righteous I was."

"I see," said the old man.

"Then I was more interested in learning information about God and understanding what humans believe about God," continued the boy. "I learned and memorized many of humankind's ideas about God, and I proved my intelligence."

"This is true," replied the old man.

"Then I wanted to prove I was a kind person," said the boy. "I gave my life to serving those without homes and I called them 'needy' even though I needed them to feel good about myself just as much as they needed me to help them get shelter."

"Quite insightful," remarked the old man.

"Then I had a need to prove I was powerful," continued the boy. "I learned how to postpone death and felt god-like in the process, though I never felt I knew God."

"I couldn't have said it better myself," agreed the old man.

"So now what do you want?"

"I want to be with God," the boy replied. "I think I will stay here."

As the boy said this, he looked around and noticed that all the other people around him had the same loving look he saw in the old man's eyes. They always had it. It was just not easy for him to see before.

"You will be with me even if I leave this place, won't you?" the boy asked the old man.

"I always have been with you," said the old man, "And I always will." As he said this, the young boy saw all the travelers he had met along his journey, and they all had the same loving look in their eyes.

"I guess I only saw you and got to know you when I truly wanted to," the boy concluded.

"Yes," the old man replied. "And you will always see me and know me whenever you wish."

"Thank you," the boy said. "I now know what to do with my life."

"And what is that?" asked the old man.

"Live with you in my heart always," he replied.

"What about all the books, teachings, and good deeds you have learned and lived?" asked the old man.

"They are important, but they are not truly necessary," the boy replied. "As long as I keep you first in my heart always I will know how to live."

"And what about the homeless people, hungry people and sick people?" asked the old man. "Don't they need you?"

"They don't really need me, though it felt great to think they did," the boy answered. "All they really need is to know God. I know they are in good hands."

"Do they even need to know God?" asked the old man.

"I don't think so," the boy replied. "I imagine you will be there for them regardless what they know."

"You know me well," the old man replied. "So now what do you intend to do with your life?"

"At some point, I think I will focus on helping those who look like they could use help, but for now I think I will just focus on knowing you," the boy answered with a smile. "I'm pretty sure the rest of the details will come to me when I need to know them."

"Indeed they will," replied the old man.

May 7, 2010


it has been 1 and 1/2 days since i back KK, well, 1st of all i thank God for the safe and blessed journey..Amen.=). eat a lot 1st day of arrival..i was full till no space left in the stomach..sigh. thanks to y family (especially mum), prepared the nice home cooked food.. cool. i wasn't in the mood, it was just a normal mood, maybe get used to it already was not as exciting as before, didn't get the warm welcome perhaps..ahah. its ok. =).

the living room has change its position (for feng shui i gues).. new style of environment.. the rest, my room, kitchen an etc still the same.. kinda missed my room and it is still HOT as it was..fuh. couldn't sleep well in the morning, thought can sleep more in the morning, but HOT like sauna man..perhaps the rooftop have to let open bah, then got air come in and out..i'll get this suggestion to my mum, make a proposal..anyhow, i am grateful i have my own room, better than last time lar..i can have a peaceful and quiet time for God. =).being alone and find peace is good for ourselves i believe.. it is good for a peaceful soul and mind..however, 1 thing never change, my room still messy as it was (seems ok for me)..ahah. but no worries, still can fit it 1 or 2 more dudes here..=)., how i wish can go out vacation some place can relax my mind.. been tired thinking a lot of stuffs.. not saying stress.. gotta find job soon, and settle things that need to be settled 1st. hope this holiday will be different from preceded holidays.. wish i can be busy working or do something good for myself.. what more can i say here.

well, here's the last:
wish you all a very happy and blessed H O L I - D A Y..!! take extra good care yourselves.. for those i will be seeing next time somewhere, some place, see u lar.. GOD BLESS. =).lol. peace.

Best wishes n regards,
AaRoN laMmeRt

May 5, 2010

I am back..!! Hello.. =)

woooouuuuusssshhh..without having realized, it has been 2 m o n t h s......i didn't update this page of life of mine..=). well, the possible and acceptable reason behind this is that i was too busy (studying?futbol-ing?sleeping?paktoh-ing??)..ohoh.time flies, the time i write this page, i will be going back KK for good for the holiday (2months),yes, that means i've finished my semester Lord, just pray and hope that this semester will be okay as before..=). Amen.

yeeessss...i am going home, to the place where i belong (Daughtry's song)..lala. will leave on a jet plane. well, going to plan on what to do this coming holiday, work for sure.. because, poket suda mau kosong..O_o. wonder how great God is, for everything He has done to us sinners, just keep believing in Him..every word is a prayer, so be careful of what you say..=).

believe it or not, i've changed, yes, somehow, little by little i've changed..a good change.=). God do all these changes in me, thanks.. i wish to be more matured and grow stronger in faith and in spiritual mind as a Christian..=). yes, surprisingly (for some of u), i am in relationship..tadaa..there i said it, yes, i am in relationship, and for this it is a bless to have a relationship.. keep it honest and as truth as i can.. Lord be with us (me and her).=). Love her so much much.. cherish every moment with her. i am in love, hope and pray it will long last.. frankly say, this relationship have change me, she change me, i believe God wants me to be with her for some reasons.. remember the saying no ones perfect (except Him), but we accept people the way they are.. and we respect them for who they are.=).

again, time flies, most of my friends (futbol friends) is going to graduate soOn, the sad feeling is somehow all around as we all going to separate soon, but i once said to my friend boon ping (captain), "it is a small world".. indeed, it is small, all of us can meet again in the future.. i appreciate every single of them even though i am not chinese, but they all treat me as i am a chinese (i can cope with that)..=). i enjoyed every single thing that we have done together.. may God bless them all in whatever career they will undertake.. Amen.=). i'll remember all of them.. FRIENDS FOREVER..

p/s: remember if want make gathering or reunion, DO INFORM ME early, so i can book my ticket lar..or else, i just swim, then wait 1 month to arrive..=).

Best Regards,
Aaron Lammert

Feb 16, 2010

Ash Wednesday: start of Lent Season

Lent Season is the season where all Christians fast and abstain themselves from any sins and repent then return to is a good practice to all Christians out there.we are required to fast for 40days starts from Ash Wednesday until Holy means we reduce the food we normally take to one meal a may sounds hard especially for those who likes to eat (hhmmm,like me) but it is a to remind ourselves about Jesus death and that to mourn, repent and return to God..Lent period is a good time to reflect ourselves how we lived our life and what we had done for Him..Jesus died on the cross is not without purpose, Jesus bared all of our sins and died on the cross because He loves us.

Let us all fast and abstain ourselves this Lent Season then return to God..invite all family and friends who never practice this Lent Season. Let us all pray for a good faith and may the Good Lord fill us with Holy Spirit throughout our life..turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

"Remember man you are dust and to dust you shall return" Gen 3:19

Bdw,hope is not to late,even though im not chinese but wish all of u a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy belated Valentine's Day..=). GOD BLESS US ALL..


Best Regards,
Aaron S.Lammert.=)

Jan 18, 2010

Please help people in Haiti..Lend a hand,prayer is much needed..

Yes,those people need help badly..the whole world were shocked and perhaps still in the mid of despairing..this shows that our life is could happen to us..then we need other people to help us..and i believe these mother nature tragedy tells us that the world is SOON going to reach its end..have we make our relationship with God yet?repent and pray is the answer..i might not know how the people in Haiti feels,their homes and loved ones had gone.what if these happen to us?we definitely would feel the same way..we are (I am) grateful that we are living in perhaps the most safest place on earth..those children need helps,the kind of protection,foods,health care and at least some basic needs..why done we have more give people who have less,just as John the Baptist said in ancient time.

The world is currently unbalance,rich people getting richer,poor become poorer and poorest..we may laugh now,while other people are struggling for daily life just to get enough food..yes,i know,action speaks louder than words (i love this quote)..i am spreading this because i know i couldn't do anything better to help them than just blogging nonsense in my about my boring helpless life..but i believe God the highest has great plan for my life and so do,i urge u people out there,LEND A HAND..thank u for your support.May Lord hear our prayer,gratefully in Jesus name..Amen. =).

May the good Lord bless the people in Haiti and u always..
Aaron S.Lammert.. =).

Jan 11, 2010

My futbol life

yeah, i like futbol @ football @ futsal very much..the kind of sports give me satisfaction while playing..yeh,i may not a great player with a lot of skills and with great achievement,but i believe maybe someday and certain times or at particular events, i am a good player..ahah. =)
well,i started play this kicking ball stuffs when i was 10 years old..i played with hometown friends back home where i stayed.owh,actually i was not into futbol at the first place of sports in my life..i was a track n field 'player',i was a sprinter..the like of 100m,200m,4 x 100m,4 x 200m as well as long jumper.yeah,u heard me..i was quite fast back then.but comment. =)
i kinda in small figure when i was 'young', maybe that's 1 good reason why i can run i entered secondary school,i was still in my running sports..well, at the same time i played futbol for fun..i played futbol more in secondary years..several times represented classes.i started to like sports afterwards..(that's why getting darker lar)..sometimes my mum cannot tahan me everytime and almost everyday involved in school's sports activities..

then,in some years, i expanded my running to long distance..wah..i thanked God for giving me these ability(special power) and i wouldn't realized it if i didn't get involve with school for few years then running for long distance,the like 5000m,3000m me,it was tiring man..well,then perhaps i ended my running career when i really get involved in futbol fully..

i fell in love with futbol because it gives me the highest satisfaction when playing..all the sweats and skills been thrown out.i went for the try outs at school(La Salle-once a La Sallian,always a La Sallian) when i was in form4,it was tough i tell u..a lot of great players were around as i couldn't show my true talent felt like all tenggelam already..good players came from seniors..well, i thought i would be selected and even some of my dudes thought i've been selected..some of my BFs were selected,yes,of course,they were good players,more experience than me..and still are good players.conclude,i didn't represent school that year..a bit dissapointed.i just watched my team school played and they didn't win the 2nd place if not mistaken..well..

the next year as the same year i sit for SPM,again i went for selection @ try outs,yes,i was selected..with God's grace,i went all the trainings with great players in the training is as tough as it sounds though..the whole period,the whole members were exhausted as compulsory to train hard after school..we were aimed to win all competitions.could not forget some of the team players(including me) trained with a special coach,we all went for experience..the best thing was we were trained by one of the best player for Sabah futbol team,Harun Laban..he's cool and steady..we all like the way he handled our school team..therefore,thanks to him,he brought us to victory as we won for the 1st time in school's history the premier league cup,we became champion..we beat Maktab Sabah (6-0) and drew with All Saints (1-1)..we win by goal differences.All Saints's players were all good players,they were tough competitor..

after all,we went through em..i still remember the moment.all the anticipation and even the was 1 of my most great and best memory.i hanged the gold medal in my room (i mean my room back home)..i had to stretch my legs,threw all the sweats and exposed my body to sun just to get the priceless medal of all time..(i would story this to my children) the champion of the competition,supposed to bertanding in semenanjung Malaysia,but due to insufficient funds from our school,we eventually didn't go to Selangor..we were all excited of course..but,nvm,final exam was around the corner liao..

i continued playing as i entered form6..played role as a captain but felt sorry for myself,couldn't made far for achievement..i carried out my futbol life when i entered university.this time i get myself into,i play a lot futsal then..its good coz i can sharpen my skills in a small field..there i goes,from track n field running fast to long distance then to big field,then to small field.i enjoyed playing,got alot of friends comes from different religious and clan..can get the picture?futbol make friends and indeed it makes the world go around,not only love..yah,love futbol loh then..

played for college (DPP) Proton for 5 consecutive semesters currently,and perhaps will still be playing for the coming semester..tengok dulu lar..well,i am aiming at least 1 medal.i enjoyed playing with my chinese dudes everytime here in college.boon ping would say,"ah,Aaroooon,5 o'clock ah.." =).

well,not all footballers can play forever due to injuries and health problem,so advised to my case here,im not injured but,seems something with my knees ( lutut ) ligament i gues having problem..i mean both.sometimes i can feel the pain and instability with my knees. i use knee support maybe can ease it from becoming more serious,i hope..pray for me.but i wish don't want play too much already.i need to have a limit playing.anyhow,i'll still continue serving futbol for fun and exercise purposes.. =).keep rocking playing ur sports.

Aaron Lammert..
God bless.ASAP. =).lol..

Jan 4, 2010

Sahabat (friend) -a wonderful story(i believe its a true story)

Ada seorang budak bernama Andy di suatu daerah di Milaor Camarine Sur (Filipina) yang setiap hari mengambil laluan melintasi daerah tanah berbatuan dan menyeberangi jalan raya yang berbahaya di mana banyak kenderaan yang memecut laju. Setiap kali berjaya menyeberangi jalan raya tersebut, budak tersebut pergi ke Gereja setiap pagi hanya untuk menyapa Tuhan. Tindakannya selama ini diamati oleh seorang Pendeta yang merasa terharu melihat dan menjumpai sikap budak yang beriman tersebut.

"Apa khabar kamu,Andy?Apakah kamu akan ke sekolah?" tanya Pendeta itu..

"Ya,Bapa Pendeta!" balas Andy dengan senyumnya yang menyentuh hati Pendeta tersebut. Dia begitu memperhatikan keselamatan Andy sehingga suatu hari dia berkata kepada budak tersebut,
"Jangan menyeberang jalan raya sendirian, setiap kali pulang ke sekolah kamu boleh datang ke Gereja dan saya akan menemani kamu pulang ke rumah dengan selamat."

"Terima kasih,Bapa Pendeta."

"Kenapa kamu tidak pulang sekarang? Apakah kamu tinggal di Gereja setelah pulang dari sekolah?"

"Aku hanya ingin menyapa Tuhan....... Sahabatku."

"Oh,silakan!" kata Pendeta itu kepada Andy.
Dan dengan segera Pendeta itu meninggalkan Andy untuk melewatkan waktunya di depan altar bercakap sendiri, tapi kemudian Pendeta tersebut bersembunyi di sebalik altar untuk mendengarkan apa yang dicakapkan Andy kepada Bapa di Surga.

"Engkau tahu Tuhan,ujian matematikku hari ini sangat buruk,tetapi aku tidak meniru walaupun temanku melakukannya. Aku makan satu kuih dan minum airku."

"Ayahku mengalami kesusahan mencari duit dan yang aku boleh makan hanyalah kuih ini.Terima kasih buat kuih ini Tuhan!"

"Aku tadi melihat anak kucing malang yang kelaparan dan aku memberikan kuihku yang terakhir buatnya.Lucunya,aku tidak begitu lapar."

"Lihat,ini kasutku yang terakhir. Aku mungkin harus berjalan tanpa kasut minggu depan. Engkau tahu ini kasut ini akan rosak,tapi tidak apa-apa..paling tidak aku tetap dapt pergi ke sekolah."

"Orang-orang bercakap bahawa kami akan mengalami musim kemelesatan yang susah bulan ini,bahkan beberapa temanku sudah berhenti sekolah..tolong bantu mereka supaya boleh sekolah lagi,tolong Tuhan?

"Oh ya,Engkau tahu ibu memuluku lagi. Ini memang menyakitkan,tapi aku tahu sakit ini akan hilang, paling aku masih mempunyai seorang ibu. Tuhan,Engkau mahu lihat lukaku? Aku tahu Engkau mampu menyembuhkannya, disini, disini..aku rasa Engkau tahu yang ini kan..? Tolong jangan marah ibuku ya..dia hanya penat dan bimbang akan kesusahan makanan dan biaya sekolahku..itulah mengapa dia memukul aku."

"Oh Tuhan.aku rasa aku sedang jatuh cinta saat ini. Ada seorang gadis yang cantik dikelasku,namanya Anita..menurut Engkau apakah dia akan menyukaiku??"

"Bagaimanapun juga paling tidak aku tahu Engkau tetap menyukaiku kerana aku tidak usah menjadi siapapun hanya untuk menyenagkanMu. Engkau adalah sahabatku."

"Hei..ulang tahunMu tinggal dua hari lagi, apakah Engkau gembira?
Tunggu saja sampai Engkau lihat,aku punya hadiah unutkMu,tapi ini kejutan bagiMu. Aku harap Engkau akan menyukainya."

"Oooops,aku harus pergi sekarang." Kemudian Andy segera berdiri dan memanggil Pendeta itu unutk membawanya menyeberangi jalan raya yang merbahaya tersebut. Keadaan tersebut berlangsung setiap hari, Andy tidak pernah tidak hadir sekalipun. Pendeta itu berkongsi cerita ini kepada jemaat di Gerejanya setiap hari Minggu kerana dia belum pernah melihat suatu IMAN dan KEPERCAYAAN yang murni kepada Allah..suatu pandangan positif dalam situasi yang negatif. Pada Natal, Pendeta itu jatuh sakit sehingga dia tidak boleh memimpin Gereja dan dirawat di hospital. Gereja diserahkan kepada 4 wanita tua yang tidak pernah senyum dan selalu menyalahkan segala sesuatu yang orang lain erbuat. Mereka juga sering mengutuk orang yang menyinggung mereka. Mereka sedang berlutut memegang Rosary mereka ketika Andy tiba dari persta Natal di sekolahnya, dan menyapa "Hello Tuhan..Aku.."

"Kurang ajar kamu budak..!!tidakkah kamu lihat kami sedang berdoa!!??keluar..!!"

Andy begitu terkejut, "dimana Bapa Pendeta?Dia seharusnya membantuku menyeberang jalan raya..dia selalu menyuruhku datang dari pintu belakang Gereja. Tidak hanya itu,aku juga harus menyapa Tuhan Yesus ini hari ulang tahunNya,aku ada hadiah untukNya.." ketika Andy mau mengambil hadiah tersebut dari dalam bajunya, seorang dari wanita tua itu menarik bajunya dan membawanya keluar Gereja. sambil membuat tanda salib,wanita itu berkata,"keluarlah budak,kamu akan mendapatkannya..!!"

Oleh kerana Andy tidak punya pilihan lain kecuali sendirian menyeberangi jalan raya yang berbahaya tersebut didepan Gereja. Dia mulai menyeberang ketika tiba-tiba sebuah bas datang laju tanpa dapat melihat Andy menyeberang.Andy melindungi hadiah tersebut didalam saku bajunya,sehingga dia tidak melihat datangnya bas tersebut.Andy dilanggar bas tersebut kerana tidak dapat mengelak.Orang-orang disekitar berlarian dan menegelilingi budak malang itu yang sudah tidak bernyawa.

Tiba-tiba entah muncul dari mana ada seorang lelaki berjubah putih dengan wajah yang halus dan lembut namun penuh dengan air mata datang dan memeluk tubuh budak malang tersebut. Dia menangis. Orang-orang hairan dan bertanya, "maaf Tuan,apakah anda keluarga budak malang ini?Apakah anda mengenalinya?"

Lelaki tersebut dengan hati luka berkata,"Dia adalah sahabatku."
Hanya itulah yang dia katakan. Dia mengambil bungkusan hadiah dari dalam baju budak itu dan meletaknya di dadanya. Dia lalu membawa pergi Andy dan kemudiannya menghilang. Semua orang hairan..

Malam Natal,Pendeta menerima berita mengenai Andy. Dia mengunjungi ke rumah Andy untuk memastikan siapa lelaki misteri berbaju putih tersebut. Pendeta itu bertemu dan bercakap dengan kedua orang tua Andy.

"Bagaimana kamu tahu anak anda meninggal?"
"Seorang lelaki berbaju putih yang membawanya kesini."ibu Andy menjawab.
"Apa yang dikatanya?"
Ayah Andy berkata,"Dia tidak cakap apa-apa pun. Dia sangat berduka. Kami tidak mengenalnya namun dia sangat sedih Andy meniggal sepertinya Dia begitu mengenal Andy dengan baik. Tapi ada satu kedamaian yang sulit untuk dijelaskan mengenai dirinya. Dia serahkan Andy dan tersenyum lembut. Dia menyesat rambut Andy dan mencium dikeningnya kemudian membisikkan sesuatu berkata.."Akan akan segera berjumpa denganmu. Engkau akan bersamaku."

"Ketika Dia meninggalkan kami ada suatu kedamaian yang memenuhi hati kami,aku merasakan kasihnya begitu dalam hatiku. Aku tahu Andy sudah berada di Surga sekarang. Siapakah lelaki yang selalu bercakap dengan Andy setiap hari di Gerejamu? Anda seharusnya tahu kerana anda selalu berada di sana setiap hari, kecuali pada waktu Andy meninggal."

Pendeta itu tiba-tiba merasa air matanya menitis di pipinya, dengan lutut gementar,dia berbisik,"Andy tidak bercakap dengan sesiapa,kecuali dengan TUHAN YESUS.."

i had goosebumps the time i ended this story..believe it or not,Jesus is within us everytime,if we sincerely and want Him to be our FRIEND,He WILL BE OUR FRIEND..ALWAYS.i believe,do you???? =).

God bless always,
aAroN laMmeRt..=).

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2o10 to you all..

yeah,its a new year and a new journey of life will begin..just came back from Il Bak Yi Il (2D 1N) at penang with bunch of dudes and was cool + nice + fun + enjoyable + relaxing mind + praise God for the trip..we (10 of us fit in 2 kancil cars) went to Queens Bay to celebrated new year 2010,there were live performance performed by Malaysian+Taiwanese artists all over (told u man it was cool),suddenly how i wish could perform live in stage with flying guitar..we were tired as the journey(on thurs-yeah,i had to skip 2 classes..sigh) took us directly from very afternoon as the sun was really on top of our head..but i praise and thank God for throughout the journey we had..

Thank you,Lord Jesus..=).

i didnt buy myself anything except some useful stuffs and food for the 'survival' in campus..yah,me and boo ping bought a new futsal ball,cool huh..he eagerly want to start play(same with me-but have to take care my knee)..thanks to Boon Ping and B khim,we can get ourselves traveled around the heart of penang..again it was cool.there is a lot to discover about penang,trust me,just that we didnt have much time and semestinya kena expect budget loh..

well,it wasnt a good start for me this new year 2010,but i accept it and just get over it..i know and believe God has a wonderful plan for me whatever it's go on..i wish all the best and need to work hard for a better future..i am currently in my 6th sem which i would have another 1 1/2 year to finish my degree..God be with me. =).gee,for starting i had things to settle for this new year begin..i want to fix the guitar which i left abundant in incubator room,sorry baby..then i really need to start with my is never too late to start soOn bah..=).sure,some few stuffs ofcoz..eventhough im quite 'cincai',but this time really have to discipline myself lu..just that really need to think what are the MOST IMPORTANT in life should be focus on..cant just simply do things lar.make ourselves better yah..

God bless always