Dec 25, 2009

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas..!!

yeah,its is indeed one of my favorite event of the year,big time..i am sure everyone also been waiting for this wonderful celebration to come and share the feeling with family as well as friends.this year i celebrate this wonderful moment with humble,simple and just..balik kampung for 2 days sort of accompany grandma and aunt coz for sure no other else relatives back to visit..haiz.

went to church at kampung and yes a lot and a lot of people as usual everytime Christ mass is having..its sad + disappointing these kind of people who only go to mass on Christmas time..well,its reality.this year,i am trying to understand the real meaning of this celebration,not only with wonderful trees,new clothes,nice foods,etc..its more to how we celebrate the born of our Lord Jesus Christ..He (Jesus) came to earth as in a poor family,humble and some what cool to me.. =).

i can see all around the place are decorated with colorful and wonderful lights,its awesome,i LOVE these such stuffs..but above all we should see the wonder of His (Jesus) LOVE to us,that He died for our sins..when we ask why,He will answer just this-"because I LOVE YOU.." =)

so i invite all of u to feel the TRUE meaning of Christmas and praise God for these days..

C-hrist gave
H-imself as a
R-eward so that
I-ndividuals knew the
T-hat He made for
M-ankind to
A-chieve the gift for

my own definition of Christmas: =)
C-hild is born
H-e (Jesus) rules the world
R-epentance of sins
I-n Jesus we trust
S-implicity of celebration with humility
T-hounsands of forgiveness,joy and love
M-illions of laughter
A-aron is reborn =)
S-urprises in life with God's gift

so,what's your definition of Christmas this year?feel free to let me know..
once again i wish u all a very extremely happy fun love joy peace simple humble gentleness and kindness Merry Christmas

God bless the world
Aaron Spencer Lammert =). ASAP

Dec 9, 2009

current status..

i've been busy these few days and the coming forth days..currently been working as a part timer..working hard to earn money,but not so is nice and wise for me to do something in this free time..

(actual thing is----->sudah kering lar,no money od)

well,i'll update my blog right after i cease from working..its quite tiring,but a worthwhile bah..time is running fast when we work and that's for sure..

Cheers and God bless always..

Dec 2, 2009

Story of a girl

for guys out there,isn't it wonderful and warm when you have someone in your life which you extremely tersangat like that you just wish to be with her only,and i mean only..or maybe i am saying this to girls out there,have you ever been liking someone/somebody,everyday,every time always kept thinking about that particular person..can't even get him/her off of your mind?well,it does makes you feel uneasy in particular times,but all the way you would have the warm feeling(i betulx14 like this feeling) wonder why people say 'love hurts' and at the same time,'love makes the world go around'..anyhow it can't compare to the love from God,which we human can't even imagine/can't even think of..God is wonderful.

well,i am saying this because i experienced this feeling towards someone..its wonderful when we can share things together,needing each other,give support,express our feelings and a lot more which i can't even say at certain period.sometimes i can't even describe how it feels..the likeness towards her is as high as a mountain(gunung Everest perhaps).when u like some1,u would do anything in order to make that some1 happy,am i right?for instants,we love our parents,we'd do things to buat mereka gembira kan..towards all this,i am grateful i can have this kind of feeling after such a long time..i thank God for it..i prayed for this to happen,God actually has send her for me(for such a very wonderful and adorable girl)..

i like to spend time with her,talked with her in the phone(but i prefer meeting her),she has such a wonderful and CUTE eyes(1 very different from other girls),simple,adorable,sweet,maybe she don't seem to be perfect girl,but nothing's perfect in this world remember..only God is perfect.though she has more than a girl i would feels like if i can give a moon,i would..ahah,i am over already,but this is what i felt..i've known her for quite sometime(its a short period),time really does tell how much we understand a person,it could take a decade to know a person,but definitely we won't know em completely/wholly..

i appreciate and cherish every moment i had with that particular person..miss it.

time past away,somehow between us there's always THINGS and STUFFS prevent us and keep pulling us from getting towards the next step,well she's a chinese and obviously im not,simply say we came from a different background,though we got things in common,but cant compare the differences between make things fall apart..i overcome it and try to see it in a positive way.(at this moment-listening to david cook-dont want miss a thing)

she has almost everything i wish for..not saying to be demanding,we cant satisfy ourselves,human are a successful relationship,i believe both need to have commitment,honesty,sincerity,faith,trust and truthful to each other..

if we really like someone,make a move before its too late,trust me u wont lose anything..i had it,so i wont regret now(i gues)..well,i hope and pray the best for her in the future..may God bless her always.. =)

since i promise to sing for her,im sorry couldn't done that,so..

Em Cm C Cm
in my dreams i'll always see you soar above the sky,
Em Cm C
in my heart there'll always be a place for you
for all my life
D Em Cm
i'll keep a part of you with me
C G Bbm G
and every where i am there you'll be

*i had it with guitar chord..

have a great day ahead.. =).
Jesus loves us..

Dec 1, 2009

reunion form 6(Arts) classmates..nice..

last night i attended our reunion form6 with eventually not all of whole was held at Sanford's house at penampang(seriously jauh from my house)..well,i wanted to see em actually,so i went..we had barbaque all the way and i was the 'barbaquer' with some of my friends,Armstrong and Chun Yen.ahah,i told u,some of the chicken wings and 'anjing panas'(hot dogs) hangus lar,manatau sudah lama x panggang2..ahah.anyhow,there were not much differences with those guys and girls though suda lama not seeing each other(more than a year),they still in the same shape(except Lester,he makin sihat as said by Set fui)..

overall the small party was nice together with the environment,if a lot of our friendsesess going,it would be more fun..then,i laughed a lot,i mean like,a lot+a lot+a lot..keep laughing over our funny chatting and acting..wah,Armstrong,sometimes u killing me with your jokesessess..sorry,i dont have the picture which i should show it here..sigh.

but,Set fui(she's our class's ketua kelas) got took some pictures of it..hope she would put in FB i gues..=)

well,u guys,don't forget there's another reunion for futsal this Thursday(oh,its tomolo lar)..wah,looking forward for it..keep fit guys. =).

Cheers and God bless always..^^
ASAP- Always Say A Prayer..=)