Jun 17, 2010

I need a life changing..

yeah,i gues i really need a life changing..somebody anybody can help me..
do we have a cure for my boring life..??
ok,ok..just leave the past, focus on tomorrow.. what had happen, had happen..
hey, i am not saying i disappointed with what had happen before..okay.
i can cope with it.. i have been thinking, i really need something in my life.
waiting eagerly for something cool and exciting, a life changing happen to my life..
i am sure and believe that God the Almighty has a real really a good plan for my life..
honestly and truthfully, i am bored with most of the people and things around my life..
just cannot be trusted and annoying.. ahah. sorry to say that.. i am honest ok. =).
Bible the book of life, one of its verse said, "man cannot love the world, as man love the world means that man do not love God..". i gues the verse is right.. =).
world cannot offer us life, but God will.. =). Love God more..
IL BAK YI IL...!!!!!

Truth & Honest,
Aaron Lammert


  1. Fing girl friend. Sure your life will change. I'll waiting for your wedding invitation, ha...

  2. no gf lar..ahah.putus cinta,x dare to find gf od loh..ahah..u marry 1st lar,dun 4get send 2 sabah yah.=).