Dec 1, 2009

reunion form 6(Arts) classmates..nice..

last night i attended our reunion form6 with eventually not all of whole was held at Sanford's house at penampang(seriously jauh from my house)..well,i wanted to see em actually,so i went..we had barbaque all the way and i was the 'barbaquer' with some of my friends,Armstrong and Chun Yen.ahah,i told u,some of the chicken wings and 'anjing panas'(hot dogs) hangus lar,manatau sudah lama x panggang2..ahah.anyhow,there were not much differences with those guys and girls though suda lama not seeing each other(more than a year),they still in the same shape(except Lester,he makin sihat as said by Set fui)..

overall the small party was nice together with the environment,if a lot of our friendsesess going,it would be more fun..then,i laughed a lot,i mean like,a lot+a lot+a lot..keep laughing over our funny chatting and acting..wah,Armstrong,sometimes u killing me with your jokesessess..sorry,i dont have the picture which i should show it here..sigh.

but,Set fui(she's our class's ketua kelas) got took some pictures of it..hope she would put in FB i gues..=)

well,u guys,don't forget there's another reunion for futsal this Thursday(oh,its tomolo lar)..wah,looking forward for it..keep fit guys. =).

Cheers and God bless always..^^
ASAP- Always Say A Prayer..=)

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