Dec 25, 2009

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas..!!

yeah,its is indeed one of my favorite event of the year,big time..i am sure everyone also been waiting for this wonderful celebration to come and share the feeling with family as well as friends.this year i celebrate this wonderful moment with humble,simple and just..balik kampung for 2 days sort of accompany grandma and aunt coz for sure no other else relatives back to visit..haiz.

went to church at kampung and yes a lot and a lot of people as usual everytime Christ mass is having..its sad + disappointing these kind of people who only go to mass on Christmas time..well,its reality.this year,i am trying to understand the real meaning of this celebration,not only with wonderful trees,new clothes,nice foods,etc..its more to how we celebrate the born of our Lord Jesus Christ..He (Jesus) came to earth as in a poor family,humble and some what cool to me.. =).

i can see all around the place are decorated with colorful and wonderful lights,its awesome,i LOVE these such stuffs..but above all we should see the wonder of His (Jesus) LOVE to us,that He died for our sins..when we ask why,He will answer just this-"because I LOVE YOU.." =)

so i invite all of u to feel the TRUE meaning of Christmas and praise God for these days..

C-hrist gave
H-imself as a
R-eward so that
I-ndividuals knew the
T-hat He made for
M-ankind to
A-chieve the gift for

my own definition of Christmas: =)
C-hild is born
H-e (Jesus) rules the world
R-epentance of sins
I-n Jesus we trust
S-implicity of celebration with humility
T-hounsands of forgiveness,joy and love
M-illions of laughter
A-aron is reborn =)
S-urprises in life with God's gift

so,what's your definition of Christmas this year?feel free to let me know..
once again i wish u all a very extremely happy fun love joy peace simple humble gentleness and kindness Merry Christmas

God bless the world
Aaron Spencer Lammert =). ASAP

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