Jul 12, 2010

Too complicated for me..

For me, i always like to make myself simple.. everything also simple, doesn't matter from what i eat, drink o wear, just mention about everything, i love to be simple.. but as i can see myself now, things are like too complicated for me.. not saying about what i eat, drink and eat but the life itself is already too complicated for me.. sometimes i can't breath, why this happen, i have no idea.. i wish to find the answer for this such question.. how i hate things which are complicated, too many procedures lar.. haiz. if this world is made simple, then all of us would make our life simple, am i right??? too complicated till make my head pening + breathless.. perhaps, as we get older, the more complicated we would experience.. ahah. i am tired of these complicated-ness ways.. can somebody 'turn off' these complicated-ness??? why most people like to make things complicated..

not yet mention about the new grading system this university had come up with.. ahhh..now it is getting more complicated.. Lord, help us. is there any chance for me (one last chance) to make things (life) easy and simple?.. lets hope so.. now that i already back for new sem (final) for my studies, without my 'friend' here which i didn't bring back from home due to 'mafan' matter, feel so extremely boring.. went play futsal these 2 days, felt nice and relieve, at least i can find my way out of the boring-ness staying campus.. of coz, looking forward for better performance this sem as i didn't do well last semester.. jia you + gambateh bah aaron.. i can't wait for my practical to start (i gues)..

anyhow, BIG THANKS to GOD The Almighty for everything he had provide me in this life.. give thanks and praise to You oh Lord.. In Jesus name, Amen. =).

Aaron Lammert