Oct 30, 2010

the dude is back.......!!

heyo der all fellas..wats up,wats up..wadup..!!?? eheh.. Aaron is in da house. well, been busy and lazy lately like usual.. fuuuuhhh.. look at the time past by, it has been quite sumtime i didnt post anything here. eheh.. well, here's the things happened throughout the past periods.. gee, i shud list down:

1. Thailand trip (1 day) - it was cool and enjoyable experiences. went to Hatyai and some other places, well it was raining dat time.. we had enjoy time. eeerrrr..can't really recall wat had happened during the trip, but i can describe in 1 word - cool.. =).

2. Cameron Highland (4 days 3 nights) - damn, the place awesome + cool + great + beautiful scenery.. actually, went der 4 church activities, tot it was just a normal n enjoyable trip, but turn out i learned some very good values as in human being can have.. humanity, consider the needy, being humble, friendship and be who we really are.. emm,i gues thats it. took a lot of pics, but i lazy to post it in here.. ahah. yeah, u heard me.. =).

3. Penang, PPGD (3 days 2 nights) - well, this trip held last week wit some dudes and boobs, sorry i mean girls.. ehem. we stayed at Batu Feringhi apartment, der were 12 of us (8 girls + 4 dudes, damn guys we were so lucky).. ahah. anyway, we went places to places like Kek Lok Si, temple, another temple.. went beach, swim. all da time we just used public buses.. it was time wasted but we managed. owh, 1 another cool place, Butterfly farm, quite nice.. and Penang damn hot, im not referring to the girls, but the weather.. funny thing was when we were playing dis 'drink + tell the truth' game, never tot will hear such confessions.. ahah. quite lame..... anyway, i had a great time in Penang, im sure d others as well.. cool wit dat. =).

4. Langkawi (3 days 2 nights) - the trip just recently held which was..... emmm.... few days ago. ahah..yeah, actually by time i post this blog, i just came back fm Langkawi.. great place to visit, quite affordable, had fun and enjoy.. cant 4get da nite b4 we ended our trip.. wait for it.. so stay tune.. it was quite mafan to find an affordable car rental coz to fit in 6 ppl.. but thank God and praise Him, we managed to get 1 avanza (100 bucks per day rent).. then we settled down afta got place to stay.. cool, da place is just opposite da beach.. great. then we went to some other places like 'telaga tujuh', took pics, along the way took pics and took again and again and again, thanks to dis 1 girl.. da next day we went to pulau.. island hopping.. damn, it was a gud sea trip by boat along the way.. fish feeding, watch eagle, dived and swim in a 30 feets deep sea (so good experience).. went beach, just go jalan2 and stuffs.. of course another important and most fundamental things in Langkawi are...................wait for it............wait for it..................its comin...............*snap..!! chocolates and alcohol.. yeah..eheh. many choices in many shops.. well, bought some and drank some..eheh. ehem.. not literally drank some.. well, dat save for later....then we went 4 Thai diner.. for dis i highly recommended to all of u, shud go dis Thai restaurant namely 'Wan Thai' at Kuah.. fuh, very cool and spicy.. well, the place looked expensively in mind and sight, but its kinda ok the price, affordable.. well, here's da real deal bout dis trip, im about to expose it in here.. on da nite be4 we ended our trip, which by mean da next day (as is today) bek UUM campus.. we were invited by dudes of my dudes to hang over their place.. it was beer, vodka n games along the nite.. we played games n drinks, games n drinks.. some of em drinks, drinks, drinks den only games.. i had it too much on my stomach den it get into my brain.. coz at some particular times i loss da game.. on da process, i drunk.. n my mind cant tahan od.. i ain't suppose to drunk bout it happened real fast.. it was crazy nite. i nvr tot get drunk 4 da 1st time in my life.. shot..!! well, it wasnt me only, can say da whole troops were drunk just dat mayb dey get used to it od.. i can recall, when i wasn't sober, went out and headed to the beach to hav fresh air.. they all then started find 4 me.. damn. we went bek to our motel n get rest later then (which around 4am).. da next morning, i felt dizzy, heavy head.. but i can say, i wasn't totally drunk.. den my fren said im quite a good drinker...oh,shot again..!! i have to promise mysef dis cannot happen ever agn in da future, coz it may ruin my life n brain.. its ok i gues to had 1 life time experience... i am a Christian, suppose not to do dat.. showing x a good example.. im sorry.. help me dear God.. well, thank God for everything we reached campus safe and sound as well bless all da way our trip.... moral of dis trip kids out der: dun drunk ursef n going places is so damn cool.. =).

of all these trips, involved 1 little thing we call it money.. yeah, ofcoz used quite a lot od.. but i tot to mysef, im in my final sem, duno next time can hav such chance to go or not od..
Best regards,
God bless
Aaron Lammert

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