Nov 30, 2009

Happy December,Jesus is coming..!!

in 24 days,the whole world is going to celebrate Christmas(yeah,yeah,yeah) in some countries is snowing,ah,how i wish Malaysia could have one too(juz 1 day-i am grateful),well,its i m p o s s i b l e here in our country..boleh lar,artificial snow ice at Genting..ohoh.=).

i determined myself to be a lot more better this month,at least i can achieve something,be more devoted to God,keep myself healthier and a lot more lar..i realized life without goal will lead you to no where,but somehow i keep going and going without looking back..there's more opportunity infront then juz wait for something behind to come(am i a philosopher o what) we grow older,we tend to think farther and a lot more is easy if we see it in easy way of living.

well,i really need to keep myself occupied,keep myself busy this month..watching more korean(2days 1night-il bak yi il)..??perhaps..ahah.gee,i enjoy watching,its funny..we can keep ourselves healthy if we laugh a lot,its true,try once,jinja jinja(really,really)..

so this month i plan to cari kerja part time(planned this since last month =S) least work till before Christmas,then plan to back campus on 29th or 30th..this new year celebration my friends suggest to celebrate at penang on 31st,2days 1night trip i gues..i am looking forward for it guys.=)..

so this December means,
*drag each letter to the right..

D on't be lazy
E xercise more
C hristmas celebration
E xercise more and more
M ake ourselves better
B uild a strong relationship with God, family and friends
E at healthily
R ock the world with love

its Advent seasOn,so this moth we all shall rejoice and be happy for the coming of our Lord..Happy Advent and Happy December and may we all have a Happy Life with love ones..=).

Cheers and God bless us all.. =)

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