Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2o10 to you all..

yeah,its a new year and a new journey of life will begin..just came back from Il Bak Yi Il (2D 1N) at penang with bunch of dudes and friends..it was cool + nice + fun + enjoyable + relaxing mind + praise God for the trip..we (10 of us fit in 2 kancil cars) went to Queens Bay to celebrated new year 2010,there were live performance performed by Malaysian+Taiwanese artists all over (told u man it was cool),suddenly how i wish could perform live in stage with flying guitar..we were tired as the journey(on thurs-yeah,i had to skip 2 classes..sigh) took us directly from very afternoon as the sun was really on top of our head..but i praise and thank God for throughout the journey we had..

Thank you,Lord Jesus..=).

i didnt buy myself anything except some useful stuffs and food for the 'survival' in campus..yah,me and boo ping bought a new futsal ball,cool huh..he eagerly want to start play(same with me-but have to take care my knee)..thanks to Boon Ping and B khim,we can get ourselves traveled around the heart of penang..again it was cool.there is a lot to discover about penang,trust me,just that we didnt have much time and semestinya kena expect budget loh..

well,it wasnt a good start for me this new year 2010,but i accept it and just get over it..i know and believe God has a wonderful plan for me whatever it is.life's go on..i wish all the best and need to work hard for a better future..i am currently in my 6th sem which i would have another 1 1/2 year to finish my degree..God be with me. =).gee,for starting i had things to settle for this new year begin..i want to fix the guitar which i left abundant in incubator room,sorry baby..then i really need to start with my studies..it is never too late to start soOn bah..=).sure,some few stuffs ofcoz..eventhough im quite 'cincai',but this time really have to discipline myself lu..just that really need to think what are the MOST IMPORTANT in life should be focus on..cant just simply do things lar.make ourselves better yah..

God bless always
AarOn LamMeRt..lol.

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