Feb 16, 2010

Ash Wednesday: start of Lent Season

Lent Season is the season where all Christians fast and abstain themselves from any sins and repent then return to God..it is a good practice to all Christians out there.we are required to fast for 40days starts from Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday..fast means we reduce the food we normally take to one meal a day.it may sounds hard especially for those who likes to eat (hhmmm,like me) but it is a to remind ourselves about Jesus death and that to mourn, repent and return to God..Lent period is a good time to reflect ourselves how we lived our life and what we had done for Him..Jesus died on the cross is not without purpose, Jesus bared all of our sins and died on the cross because He loves us.

Let us all fast and abstain ourselves this Lent Season then return to God..invite all family and friends who never practice this Lent Season. Let us all pray for a good faith and may the Good Lord fill us with Holy Spirit throughout our life..turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

"Remember man you are dust and to dust you shall return" Gen 3:19

Bdw,hope is not to late,even though im not chinese but wish all of u a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy belated Valentine's Day..=). GOD BLESS US ALL..


Best Regards,
Aaron S.Lammert.=)

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