Jan 18, 2010

Please help people in Haiti..Lend a hand,prayer is much needed..

Yes,those people need help badly..the whole world were shocked and perhaps still in the mid of despairing..this shows that our life is uncertain.it could happen to us..then we need other people to help us..and i believe these mother nature tragedy tells us that the world is SOON going to reach its end..have we make our relationship with God yet?repent and pray is the answer..i might not know how the people in Haiti feels,their homes and loved ones had gone.what if these happen to us?we definitely would feel the same way..we are (I am) grateful that we are living in perhaps the most safest place on earth..those children need helps,the kind of protection,foods,health care and at least some basic needs..why done we have more give people who have less,just as John the Baptist said in ancient time.

The world is currently unbalance,rich people getting richer,poor become poorer and poorest..we may laugh now,while other people are struggling for daily life just to get enough food..yes,i know,action speaks louder than words (i love this quote)..i am spreading this because i know i couldn't do anything better to help them than just blogging nonsense in my blog..talk-ing about my boring helpless life..but i believe God the highest has great plan for my life and so do yours..so,i urge u people out there,LEND A HAND..thank u for your support.May Lord hear our prayer,gratefully in Jesus name..Amen. =).

May the good Lord bless the people in Haiti and u always..
Aaron S.Lammert.. =).

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  1. First time I leave comment here.
    Let's prays for the Haiti...