May 5, 2010

I am back..!! Hello.. =)

woooouuuuusssshhh..without having realized, it has been 2 m o n t h s......i didn't update this page of life of mine..=). well, the possible and acceptable reason behind this is that i was too busy (studying?futbol-ing?sleeping?paktoh-ing??)..ohoh.time flies, the time i write this page, i will be going back KK for good for the holiday (2months),yes, that means i've finished my semester Lord, just pray and hope that this semester will be okay as before..=). Amen.

yeeessss...i am going home, to the place where i belong (Daughtry's song)..lala. will leave on a jet plane. well, going to plan on what to do this coming holiday, work for sure.. because, poket suda mau kosong..O_o. wonder how great God is, for everything He has done to us sinners, just keep believing in Him..every word is a prayer, so be careful of what you say..=).

believe it or not, i've changed, yes, somehow, little by little i've changed..a good change.=). God do all these changes in me, thanks.. i wish to be more matured and grow stronger in faith and in spiritual mind as a Christian..=). yes, surprisingly (for some of u), i am in relationship..tadaa..there i said it, yes, i am in relationship, and for this it is a bless to have a relationship.. keep it honest and as truth as i can.. Lord be with us (me and her).=). Love her so much much.. cherish every moment with her. i am in love, hope and pray it will long last.. frankly say, this relationship have change me, she change me, i believe God wants me to be with her for some reasons.. remember the saying no ones perfect (except Him), but we accept people the way they are.. and we respect them for who they are.=).

again, time flies, most of my friends (futbol friends) is going to graduate soOn, the sad feeling is somehow all around as we all going to separate soon, but i once said to my friend boon ping (captain), "it is a small world".. indeed, it is small, all of us can meet again in the future.. i appreciate every single of them even though i am not chinese, but they all treat me as i am a chinese (i can cope with that)..=). i enjoyed every single thing that we have done together.. may God bless them all in whatever career they will undertake.. Amen.=). i'll remember all of them.. FRIENDS FOREVER..

p/s: remember if want make gathering or reunion, DO INFORM ME early, so i can book my ticket lar..or else, i just swim, then wait 1 month to arrive..=).

Best Regards,
Aaron Lammert

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