May 7, 2010


it has been 1 and 1/2 days since i back KK, well, 1st of all i thank God for the safe and blessed journey..Amen.=). eat a lot 1st day of arrival..i was full till no space left in the stomach..sigh. thanks to y family (especially mum), prepared the nice home cooked food.. cool. i wasn't in the mood, it was just a normal mood, maybe get used to it already was not as exciting as before, didn't get the warm welcome perhaps..ahah. its ok. =).

the living room has change its position (for feng shui i gues).. new style of environment.. the rest, my room, kitchen an etc still the same.. kinda missed my room and it is still HOT as it was..fuh. couldn't sleep well in the morning, thought can sleep more in the morning, but HOT like sauna man..perhaps the rooftop have to let open bah, then got air come in and out..i'll get this suggestion to my mum, make a proposal..anyhow, i am grateful i have my own room, better than last time lar..i can have a peaceful and quiet time for God. =).being alone and find peace is good for ourselves i believe.. it is good for a peaceful soul and mind..however, 1 thing never change, my room still messy as it was (seems ok for me)..ahah. but no worries, still can fit it 1 or 2 more dudes here..=)., how i wish can go out vacation some place can relax my mind.. been tired thinking a lot of stuffs.. not saying stress.. gotta find job soon, and settle things that need to be settled 1st. hope this holiday will be different from preceded holidays.. wish i can be busy working or do something good for myself.. what more can i say here.

well, here's the last:
wish you all a very happy and blessed H O L I - D A Y..!! take extra good care yourselves.. for those i will be seeing next time somewhere, some place, see u lar.. GOD BLESS. =).lol. peace.

Best wishes n regards,
AaRoN laMmeRt

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