May 10, 2010

recently happen to me..

Oh yah..!!for the record, besides been running this blog for sometimes now, i have NEW HOBBIES (part of my internship perhaps........ . ... .. .maybe not)..yup, u heard me(read me)..!! i have new hobbies, which i didn't really expect to happen..currently i enjoy cooking..yah, C O O K I N G . .

.... . .

don't laugh or smile..but its true, i enjoy and had learned some of simple and good dishes..both mum and dad are great fast, efficient and effective cooker..he can cook in an instant (not instant noodle bah), though comes out with good dishes.. then mum would criticize said "this one a bit salty, that one next time cut smaller a bit", dad's response "...,..,..." (means he keep quiet only), womans like to talk a lot i perhaps, no offense.. mum: normally cooks on weekends, mum would cook big dishes, a bit complicated dishes, fresh and hot though take times.. brothers: just fill in their stomach.. they happen to have gf/wife who can cook..

actually, this holiday is all about, have ample time to do something new for ourselves..
some vege + egg = egg vege??

sausage + green bean = green bean sausage?? ...

i know it is not as perfect as it should be, boleh tahan lar, the taste? ok ok loh.. at least next time can cook myself lor, maybe in future i would not able to stay with parents any longer.. i wish can have some one can cook with me in future (gf?wife?friends?), get a correct taste and timing to cook its easy actually..just follow your instincts..ohoh.

hangus....but,taste great..!!coz i eat myself..

i apologize for the black color.. i cooked it this morning for breakfast..taste good though. wanna try?? =D. i made myself a coffee and some western breakfast..

a mess breakfast, but i enjoyed it..its not my fault, it just pop out like that leh..=D

well, still more to come..wish can cook more dishes..waiting before i get part time job. how i wish i can be really busy..not forgetting serving and have time with God.=). we shall put Him as our 1st priority..without Him, we can't really live well..ASAP.=).

another thing, i enjoy driving recently, its quite sometime i get used myself to drive since back..i used to drive auto car, days before, i drove mum's car to balik kampung visited grandma and aunt, at 1 point, car in several times mati engine cause salah masuk gear lar...aiseh. mum kept dragging.."haiyah, how u drive like this?",i answered, "......that gear lar salah masuk,that's why, (wish to not blame on me)..".tuh lar, last time asked changed to auto don't want..haiz, womans very hardly to follow want we guys say..sigh. susah lar macam neh..=S. well, hope to get my driving license soon..=). i get used to public transportation, easy for me go 1 place, without having worry about fuel, stuck in traffic jam and parking.. people get advance so.... yup.=).

oh, well..that's it for now..have a blessed and wonderful days my brothers and sisters..till then..GOD BLESS US ALL. Amen.

Best regards,
Aaron Lammert

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