Jan 11, 2010

My futbol life

yeah, i like futbol @ football @ futsal very much..the kind of sports give me satisfaction while playing..yeh,i may not a great player with a lot of skills and with great achievement,but i believe maybe someday and certain times or at particular events, i am a good player..ahah. =)
well,i started play this kicking ball stuffs when i was 10 years old..i played with hometown friends back home where i stayed.owh,actually i was not into futbol at the first place of sports in my life..i was a track n field 'player',i was a sprinter..the like of 100m,200m,4 x 100m,4 x 200m as well as long jumper.yeah,u heard me..i was quite fast back then.but now...........................no comment. =)
i kinda in small figure when i was 'young', maybe that's 1 good reason why i can run fast..as i entered secondary school,i was still in my running sports..well, at the same time i played futbol for fun..i played futbol more in secondary years..several times represented classes.i started to like sports afterwards..(that's why getting darker lar)..sometimes my mum cannot tahan me everytime and almost everyday involved in school's sports activities..

then,in some years, i expanded my running to long distance..wah..i thanked God for giving me these ability(special power) and i wouldn't realized it if i didn't get involve with it..cool.represented school for few years then running for long distance,the like 5000m,3000m berhalangan..trust me,it was tiring man..well,then perhaps i ended my running career when i really get involved in futbol fully..

i fell in love with futbol because it gives me the highest satisfaction when playing..all the sweats and skills been thrown out.i went for the try outs at school(La Salle-once a La Sallian,always a La Sallian) when i was in form4,it was tough i tell u..a lot of great players were around as i couldn't show my true talent..my talent felt like all tenggelam already..good players came from seniors..well, i thought i would be selected and even some of my dudes thought i've been selected..some of my BFs were selected,yes,of course,they were good players,more experience than me..and still are good players.conclude,i didn't represent school that year..a bit dissapointed.i just watched my team school played and they didn't win the competition.got 2nd place if not mistaken..well..

the next year as the same year i sit for SPM,again i went for selection @ try outs,yes,i was selected..with God's grace,i went all the trainings with great players in the team.futbol training is as tough as it sounds though..the whole period,the whole members were exhausted as compulsory to train hard after school..we were aimed to win all competitions.could not forget some of the team players(including me) trained with a special coach,we all went for experience..the best thing was we were trained by one of the best player for Sabah futbol team,Harun Laban..he's cool and steady..we all like the way he handled our school team..therefore,thanks to him,he brought us to victory as we won for the 1st time in school's history the premier league cup,we became champion..we beat Maktab Sabah (6-0) and drew with All Saints (1-1)..we win by goal differences.All Saints's players were all good players,they were tough competitor..

after all,we went through em..i still remember the moment.all the anticipation and even the supporters..it was 1 of my most great and best memory.i hanged the gold medal in my room (i mean my room back home)..i had to stretch my legs,threw all the sweats and exposed my body to sun just to get the priceless medal of all time..(i would story this to my children)..as the champion of the competition,supposed to bertanding in semenanjung Malaysia,but due to insufficient funds from our school,we eventually didn't go to Selangor..we were all excited of course..but,nvm,final exam was around the corner liao..

i continued playing as i entered form6..played role as a captain but felt sorry for myself,couldn't made far for achievement..i carried out my futbol life when i entered university.this time i get myself into futsal..so,i play a lot futsal then..its good coz i can sharpen my skills in a small field..there i goes,from track n field running fast to long distance then to big field,then to small field.i enjoyed playing,got alot of friends comes from different religious and clan..can get the picture?futbol make friends and indeed it makes the world go around,not only love..yah,love futbol loh then..

played for college (DPP) Proton for 5 consecutive semesters currently,and perhaps will still be playing for the coming semester..tengok dulu lar..well,i am aiming at least 1 medal.i enjoyed playing with my chinese dudes everytime here in college.boon ping would say,"ah,Aaroooon,5 o'clock ah.." =).

well,not all footballers can play forever due to injuries and health problem,so advised to retire..in my case here,im not injured but,seems something with my knees ( lutut ) ligament i gues having problem..i mean both.sometimes i can feel the pain and instability with my knees. i use knee support maybe can ease it from becoming more serious,i hope..pray for me.but i wish don't want play too much already.i need to have a limit playing.anyhow,i'll still continue serving futbol for fun and exercise purposes.. =).keep rocking playing ur sports.

Aaron Lammert..
God bless.ASAP. =).lol..

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