Nov 25, 2009

home akhirnya..

yes,i am home(kk) finally for approximately 5months away from homeland..all of my friends get to balik kampung like 3 or 4 times in 1 semester,but once in a semester for me..but here i am,home sweet home..thank God.

i went back last sunday,arrived kk roun 6 in the evening..i realized the process of goin back is quite long,yalah take bus from campus(UUM-kedah woh) direct to kl,pudu ambil masa 5-6hours bah,lepas tuh,from that busy city go to the airport quite memang tiring,tambahan waited for flight lagi..wah,wah,wah(why i chose UUM at the 1st place?)..somehow i endure all this for consecutive 5 semesters now..thumbs up for me.yeah..remind me the night before i went back,Fatah the international student from Somalia told me that he's not going back,and maybe even not going anywhere..pastu,i told that nice guy,Fatah,"owh,man,that's bad,even 1week i cannot stand living here(we're talking bout a month man),it's too extremely quite and boring here man.."well,i say goodbye to him and went for my bus at 10pm that night..i wish to not cerita panjang regarding the condition in the bus all the way to KL(sigh)..but for sure it was cold..

i arrived kl the next morning,but not as was 3.30am for human's sake..!!why this bus arrived sooOOOoo early,bus neh terbang kah apa?or mungkin engine baru..too fast too extremely furious..well,i waited one of the bustop there waiting for the sun to come up..but,the serious thing was,i terhilang map gave by Karen(one of my fren-she stay in KL,so ask her direction mah),actually,i already terhilang the map before off for bus..(oh,shot!!).i calm myself,didnt dare to ask her again..sorry+maaf Karen.eventually,i managed to get to the station thanks from the helped by a UUM student accidentally i bumped at the bustop..moral-ask if you don't know..=).

kemudian,i took the LRT from the station,and i get myself to KL sentral which then took bus direct go to LCCT airport,i was in tahap kritikal tired,so slept again in the bus all the way to the was 7.30am when i arrived..gee,what am i gonna do while waiting for my flight which was at 3.10pm..!!!!!nevermind i talked to myself,i felt hungry so when to 'grab' chicken rice in the airport though a lot of food to choose a result,cost me MYR9.90 for 1 single plate of nasi ayam,OMG..!!!!!!without thinking any further,makan saja lar..few people looking at me as i don't know why the heck,i didn't bother to ask em..i bought newspaper to read on as i waited,when on9 but the line is at tahap kritikal slow x was cold as usual and fell aslept..

finally,i get myself to checked in and the lady at the counter checking in for passengers was pretty(ah,sumtimes i amazed the wonder of God),but the beauty of the lady couldn't managed to make my heart drop(duh....),but i were asked to pay additional 20 bucks for the luggage..(there goes my money for holiday=0),this made my heart dropped..departed from KL roun 3pm sumthin,i was still in my sleepy head and slept when the plane off the air(damn tired leh) funny thing happen to me on the flight,ahah(can ask me personally what had happen)..after a long journey,i arrived kk safely(thank God) and my parent fetched me with a surprise..a new car(coooolll...),i was abit surprised but i knew it all along(my senses always seem to be right)..then we drove home,my aunt and cousins were at home..all when well,again thank God for everything..

i bought shirts for my family and i am glad they all like it(i hope they really do)..for sure,that's the only Christmas gift i can provide for them because........i have no cash in pocket already,pokai loh..ahahaha..hoping and finding to get part time,anyone who want hire specialist futbol trainer,give me a ring yah..=).

i wish this holiday to be a meaningful and enjoyably holiday,can spend time with my family,strengthen our relationship,worship God more and more and more,have a wonderful Christmas celebration(eventhough won't be having a open house this year),relax myself and a lot more..=).Happy Holiday to all of u..God blesses us always.Amen.=).
cheers and peace..

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