Nov 25, 2009


Dear readers,

this is my first ever blog i looks cool when i saw some of the blogs wrote by some of my friends and few,i think to myself,'why not i write a blog?since i have a lot of thoughts in my small brain that at any particular reason i could share it..i may not good in writing(english writing proficiency),but i'll try my very best to write anyhow..=).

well,first thing first,allow me to intro myself,my name is aaron spencer lammert, currently studying in one of local university taking bachelor in accounting information system(AIS)-(i realized it is a tough course),i am Christian(Catholic),love futbol,love hanging out with friends,love to have fun,easy to communicate,easy going,love sports,believe in only one God and the Son Jesus Christ,i am a 3rd child of three brothers(the youngest lar),just an average guy,simple minded,most people say i looked like chinese(cina malaysia),but i am completely not chinese coz i am a kadazan(pure-actually,my mum is pure kadazan+my dad is eurasian,but since for the sack of hak kerakyatan,changed to kadazan loh)..ah,there's many things i can describe regarding myself,but i don't think can finish in one whole night..=).

one thing i believe in my life for sure is that all of my life including other human's life are planned by God Himself,He knows what will happen next,He planned it nicely and beautifully..=).i thank God for everything that i've been given in my life..first of all,i thank u Lord for dying on the cross for our sins so that human may be forgiven..i am grateful for the family,the daily bread,friends,protection,blessing,keep me in good health and last but not least,coz gave me the special gift in futbol..and ofcoz there's many ways God's always be with me whenever and whatever i do,just that i can't recall em..=).it's true,by futbol,i get to know a lot of friends in different kind of people..u can witness yourself,futbol nowadays have the ability to gather people around the world and made it one of the best+favorite sports in the world..ahah.lagipun,play futbol can make us go healthy bah..=).

Jesus loves us..=).


  1. welcome to the blog pages..
    aigoh..ur dad eurasian wonder ur name sounds kinda weird..

  2. yes,tp normally sia x tell ppl..coz its not perkara besar..wah,ur da 1st to comment..kong hei.=).God bless..

  3. yay..congrats to myself..:p