Nov 29, 2009

Recent activities

few days ago i went to my friend's wedding and another friend's son's burfday..

well,occasionally,these two events involved eating which is veli fundamental..tapi,that's not the main purposed lar.i wondered myself,if i marry to a chinese,i would have a lot of chinese relatives..i amazed some of the traditions in chinese wedding(i attended many times before),its nice and wonderful how the flow of process all the way(specially the 'yam seng' part),various kinds of food served(love the shark fin soup-extremely nice)..i am delighted to be invited in any event which i also enjoy attending event,i believe the more we experience ourselves in any particular activities,the more we get to explore ourselves as well as others..its nice and cool to see my friend have a family,it may seem quite early,but it worthwhile if we appreciate everything that happens in our life,again God planned all this..He just want His children to be happy while living.

God bless us in many ways that we ourselves didn't even notice it and should be grateful for everything..=).

GOD bless always..peace.

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