Nov 26, 2009

quick diary of the day

just moment ago i checked my grade for one of my course paper,BKAF3073(3k paper am talkin) been told my friend earlier,the overall marks has been uploaded in learning care..i thanked God for what i get,but for sure i was quite dissapointed with it,i could have get higher grade..but i am really thankful was a tough paper,even lecturer sendiri pun bagitau "this paper is tough because covered all of the syllabus."(sigh......).eventually,alamak,memang tough to study it..=S

anyhow,i get through with it already oh,get over it..maybe i am less motivated type of person in terms of study.kadang2,study all by ourselves memang tough..seriously,i am serious(see my face,not smiling)..later going to watch Twilight:the saga (New Moon),no choice bought ticket od..going with my 2nd bro and not that exciting coz i am not the fan afta all(or die hard fan)..yeah,juz go and watch some handsome guys on the big screen..i enjoy watching movies anyway..=).

God bless..

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